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Greasomatic single-point lubricators may be your solution to lubricating machinery in the harshest environments or those which require the ultimate sanitation standards.

Our reliable single-point, single-use lubricators are filled with the required grease or oil to suit your application. Convenience is key - this disposable unit supplies a dependable discharge of lubricant for a pre-determined time. Increase safety by reducing maintenance visits to risky locations.

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  • Automotive
  • Cement
  • Chemical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Food dairy plant
  • Mining
  • Paper & Pulp
  • Plastic
  • Quarry
  • Steel, Aluminum,
    Glass & Plastic
  • Utilities
Greasomatics on a Aggregate Handling Conveyor

Greasomatic performs in adverse conditions.
Able to withstand vibrations, water and corrosive chemicals, it can be trusted to deliver lubricant to your hard-working machinery.

With no batteries or wiring, the self-contained unit can be used in remote, inaccessible and harsh environments. Appropriate for use in underground mining and petrochemical industries, the safety of this lubricator is assured.

Greasomatics with Food Grade Lubricants on a Bottling Conveyor

Where sanitation is of utmost importance, the Greasomatic shines. The unit can be custom-filled with food-grade lubricants and is easily sanitized & cleaned.

Remote installation up to 6 feet is possible by pre-charging lines prior to activating the unit. Keep your vital equipment operating smoothly with this dependable, tamper-proof, single-use lubricator.

Greasomatics on Water Treatment Pumps

Trust the Greasomatic automatic lubricator to perform in areas where contamination abounds. Seal your fittings while delivering lubricant. Built-in pressure valve acts as an alert if a blockage occurs in the lubrication channels.

Corrosion resistant and able to withstand harsh environments, this lubricator is a real problem-solver.